Harmonica Key Stickers


Peel and stick harmonica key stickers for any type of harmonica. 5 styles now available – orange with black lettering from the Seydel company or white lettering on black background from Zajac custom harmonicas. The Zajac stickers come in either flat or bubble style, tall (to fit plastic combs) or ‘stout’ (elongated for thinner combs). Prices vary. If ordering these items on their own, please contact us by phone or email as they can be shipped in Canada as letter mail starting at $6.00 for postage and handling.

New Hohner Glow In the Dark Key Labels.
Find the right key on a dark stage the first time, every time with Hohner Harmonica’s  Glow in the Dark Key Stickers. 60 stickers per sheet with standard tunings, low tunings, country tunings and minor tunings. Never play the harmonica upside down again, place these stickers on the same side of all your harmonicas as a helpful reminder as to which side is up.
New stickers –  a Richard Sleigh/Andrew Zajac collaboration – 160 stickers per set


  • Seydel Stickers – 33 per set
  • Zajac Tall/Flat – 23 per set
  • Zajac Tall/Bubble – 23 per set
  • Zajac Flat Stout – 23 per set
  • Zajac Bubble Stout – 23 per set
  • Zajac Red Blue – 24 per set
  • Zajac Extra/ Flat – 24 per set
  • Zajac Extra/ Bubble – 24 per set
  • Hohner Glow in the Dark – 60 per set.
  • Sleigh/Zajac stickers  -160 per set

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Seydel, Zajac Tall Flat, Zajac Tall Bubble, Zajac Flat Stout, Zajac Bubble Stout, Zajac Red Blue, Zajac Extra Flat, Zajac Extra Bubble, Hohner Glow, Sleigh-Zajac