Service & Repair

Harmonica and Accordion Customization

As well as selling new instruments, Wilson Music Services also offers customization and modifications to the instruments you purchase. Should you want a harmonica or accordion’s tuning altered or a back pad installed on an accordion etc., let us know and this can be done – additional charges will apply and instruments must be paid for in full before any alterations are made. We can also set-up your diatonic or chromatic harmonicas, whereby they are opened up, reed gapping and profiling is adjusted, valves are adjusted as necessary and the instrument is thoroughly checked.

Harmonica Repair and Service 

April 2023 update.  Where possible, the instruments will be cleaned and sanitized (to the best of our ability) prior to any work being done. We are trying to maintain current repair rates but these extra steps may increase repair costs.

After more than 30 years in business and over 100,000 instruments serviced, we are fully qualified to handle any of your needs when it comes to repairing Hohner harmonicas. From cleaning, tuning, reed replacing or re-valving chromatics, we have the parts and expertise to restore your instrument to excellent playing condition. We now also offer service to Seydel harmonicas and have recently partnered with Brendan Power in the UK to offer limited service on his new Lucky 13 model. As well as offering this service on the Lucky 13, we are offering his Power Combs.

While we offer for sale Suzuki and Kongsheng harmonicas, we are not offering full service to these models as their (respective) reeds are welded on, making reed replacement difficult and time consuming, and many parts are not available. This also applies to the Lucky 13 model. Reedplate replacement should be considered. Lee Oskar instruments can be cleaned and tuned but reed replacement is not offered for this brand.

Please note that repair estimates cannot be given without us seeing and hearing the instrument.

We also offer an excellent selection of parts for Hohner harmonicas for those who wish to attempt their own repairs.

Please note that we no longer service the old (pre 1965) wood-combed 64 Chromonicas/Chromonika III (model 280/64). We offer a 3D printed Power Comb as a replacement comb for those individuals who wish to do their own repairs. Also, replacement slides for this model are not available

Also, because of cost, it is not practical to service the Chinese made Hohner models.

See page ‘Harmonica Repair Rates’ for more information.

Accordion Repair and Service

We are very adept at servicing your older accordions, be they Hohner or other makes. We provide tuning, bellows repair, re-valving, waxing, keyboard levelling, bass repair, celluloid repair, pallet re-padding and many other repairs to both piano and diatonic button accordions. We can also extract those keyboard axle rods that just refuse to budge!

Please note that repair estimates cannot be given without us seeing and hearing the instrument. We also have an extensive stock of parts for Hohner accordions and offer these for sale to those who do their own repairs.

Instrument Evaluation / Dating:

We do not provide evaluation or dating of used harmonicas and we only evaluate accordions that are physically in our shop. It is very difficult to establish the value of an old harmonica or accordion because, due to the instrument’s age and condition, it may no longer be in playing condition. All accordions will, at some point in time, require re-valving and re-waxing, a repair that will cost hundreds and/or thousands of dollars. There is a $25.00 charge for evaluation etc.

Any estimate of an instrument’s value is simply an estimate and may or may not be accurate – simply put, an instrument is worth what someone will pay for it.



The Hohner harmonica warranty states:

“Hohner Harmonicas are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects and in tune at the time of purchase. Any instrument found to contain manufacturing defects or other noticeable imperfections at the time of purchase will be, at Hohner’s option, repaired or replaced at no charge to the user. Take note, however, that Hohner Harmonicas are not warranted against usage, accidental damages, negligence or tampering.”
Any Hohner harmonica thought to be defective must be returned within 60 days of purchase along with a copy of the original receipt for warranty consideration.

For concerns regarding Hohner product, you can contact the Hohner company directly at 1-800-446-6010 or email .


The Hohner accordion warranty states:

“Returns must be postmarked within 90 days of purchase for warranty consideration.  Warranty service will not be performed without the sales receipt or other proof of purchase.

Hohner accordions are warranted to be in playable condition and free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase.  Any accordion needing warranty service will, at our option, be repaired or replaced, provided the instrument is shipped with a proof of purchase from an authorized dealer to the Hohner Service Center.

 To return an accordion, the purchaser must contact the Hohner Service Center to

  1. obtain a return shipping label
  2. be issued a return authorization number

The return authorization number must be written on the outside of the return packaging.  Any accordion arriving at our facility without a return authorization number clearly visible on the outside of the packaging will be refused.

This warranty covers accordions purchased in the USA or Canada and is granted only to the person to whom the first sale of accordion was made through the original authorized dealer.  This warranty is void if the original purchaser no longer resides in the United States or Canada.

This warranty does not cover accordions subject to transit damage, accident, negligence, alteration, abuse or misuse.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.  This warranty is not transferrable.”

More information about the Hohner warranty and return procedure can be found here:

For Harmonicas
For Accordions