Accordion Services

Accordions are complicated instruments!   To properly estimate repair cost we must play and inspect your accordion in the shop.   If you are not in the Newmarket area, we may be able to give a rough estimate from photos you send us but it is unlikely. Repair estimates, if relatively simple, can be done for free but if we open up the instrument to inspect reeds and mechanisms, estimate charges start at $25.00. This charge will be waived if the estimate is accepted.

Accordion repairs can be very costly. They certainly can take many, many hours of work, as there are often two, three, or four seperate reed blocks; tremolo and musette tunings; plus the bass mechanisms and all their reeds. In all, there are hundreds of parts in an accordion. Just one thing going wrong can make it sound pretty bad at times. The size of the accordion – a 48 bass or 120 bass for example – will determine costs involved. As will the number of reed blocks in each unit. Diatonic button accordions are smaller, and concertinas are smaller with less reeds again. Each job however is priced on work done, not a set rate.

“I JUST GOT AN OLD ACCORDION, it’s in perfect condition…”

This is a phrase we hear time and again!   However, please know that if an accordion has not been played or serviced for years, the cost to restore could exceed the cost of buying a comparable used instrument.

It may look fine on the outside, but unfortunately – components inside an accordion do not age well, especially if the accordion has been left in a case in a damp basement. Hundreds of reeds are attached with beeswax that gets brittle; tiny leather reed-valves can curl or fall off.  Cost to restore can range from $750 to $1500 or more. All accordions, at some point in their life, will need to have this sort of overhaul done.


It is risky to buy used accordions on eBay (or anywhere) unless the seller is a knowledgeable dealer, who can confirm specific details about its condition… and allows returns.  Otherwise, that $200 bargain can easily turn into an $2000 investment.

While we certainly don’t want to deter you from having your accordion serviced, please note that what seems to be a simple repair on an accordion can, in fact, be quite complicated and time consuming.