Harp Wah™ / Wah Claw Combo


The Better Cup Mute
The Harp Wah™ by Roly Platt
“Until now, the only way to get resonator “cup mute” effects was to raid the kitchen cabinets for cups, mugs or used tin cans.
I wanted something better.”


Technical Considerations
  • The Harp Wah was specifically made for acoustic diatonic harmonica playing.
  • The design and “input slot” width will accommodate any standard diatonic model with a total cover height (thickness) of less than 23mm – all major brands tested fall well within this slot width and include standard models from: Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki, Lee Oscar. 12, 13, and 14 hole harps will work, but will have limitations. It is best used witha 10 hole diatonic.
  • Thicker harps: Even the overly thick models such as Seydel’s “Low Low” tunings with their wider cover plates work using a slightly modified grip.
Playing Style/Grip
  • The Harp Wah can be used by left or right-handed players but is not generally recommended for players who play with the low notes towards your fingertips (as opposed to the typical way – low notes towards the palm).
  • The Harp Wah™ was designed to work with what I call the “classic grip” hand positioning – with the harp held between the index finger and thumb. It may also work for players with an alternative grip, but please keep this in mind.
  • Customized harps and harps with customized covers will also work.
  • As with using any new device, some adaptation and practice is suggested to maximize the all available tones and effects of the Harp Wah.

Who Was This Designed to Help?

  • Players looking for that “extra support” holding the Harp Wah
  • Players with smaller hands: All players including female and younger players
  • Players having difficulty due to Arthritic pain in their hands


  • Fully forward-facing design aims the sound directly out from you and into your mic
  • The Harp Wah™ becomes an extension of your regular hand cupping position – making it feel natural, with minimal effect on your playing style
  • Convenient to use – non-attaching
  • Shape focuses the sound into narrow, controllable field
  • Anodized polished aluminum – creating a safe, rock-hard and extremely durable finish – inside and out
  • Available in Black or Silver or Vintage Green
  • Light weight and durable, for a lifetime of road-worthy abuse
  • Universal shape and gender-neutral size accommodates a wide range of harp players
  • For left or right-handed players
  • High-quality protective drawstring bag
  • Grip Tape (for players wanting a little extra torque while holding)
  • And of course, it sounds killer
What You Get:
  • Custom molded grip handle in either “Silver” or “Black” (match your Harp Wah)
  • Made from biodegradable, renewable thermoplastic
  • Durable and flexible – won’t break
  • Attaches in seconds – ships with ready to apply 3M brand, high-tack, clear mounting strips. Very aggressive – completely removable and will not mar the finish.
Click here for a demo of Roly with THE HARP WAH

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Available Colours

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