Hohner Blue Midnight Harmonica


Custom “Chicago style” tuning.

The latest addition to Hohner’s hand tuned diatonic harmonicas manufactured in Trossingen, Germany, the Blue Midnight offers a unique combination of features and construction that lets you master a wide range of tonal possibilities, puts you in control  of powerful dynamics, and makes evocative note bending easy – all at a value price.

List Price – CDN$62.95



  • Custom “Chicago style” tuning from Hohner’s vaults
  • Trademark blue plastic comb offers a comfortable mouthpiece for ease of playing that will never swell
  • Stainless steel cover plates with wide open back ends for maximum volume and tone
  • Assembled with two single screws for easy customization of reed gapping and set up


  • Type – Diatonic
  • Keys – A,  Bb, C, D, E, F, G
  • Tuning – Richter
  • Number of holes – 10
  • Reeds – 20 brass
  • Cover surface – stainless steel
  • Reed plates – 0.9 mm brass
  • Mouthpiece surface – plastic
  • Comb – plastic, blue
  • Length – 10.5 cm

Additional information

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