Harmonica Key Stickers – New Colours


Peel and stick harmonica key stickers, by Zajac, for any type of harmonica. 4 new colour styles now available – Red/Green, Blue/Pink, Red/Red and Rainbow. All are ‘stout’ (elongated for thinner combs) design, available in flat or bubble. Prices vary. If ordering these items on their own, please contact us by phone or email as they can be shipped in Canada as letter mail for $6.00.


  • Red/Green Flat – 24 per set
  • Red/Green Bubble – 24 per set
  • Blue/Pink Flat – 24 per set
  • Blue/Pink Bubble  – 24 per set
  • Red/Red Flat – 24 per set
  • Red/Red Bubble – 24 per set
  • Rainbow Flat – 24 per set
  • Rainbow Bubble – 24 per set

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Additional information

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Available Style

Red/Green Flat, Red/Green Bubble, Blue/Pink Flat, Blue/Pink Bubble, Red/Red Flat, Red/Red Bubble, Rainbow Flat, Rainbow Bubble