Hohner Marine Band 1896 Classic Harmonica Tuned Natural Minor


The One, The Only, The Original.

From the birth of the blues, the Marine Band 1896 has been a constant musical fixture.  Played by iconic figures such as Little Walter, Paul Butterfield, and Bob Dylan, it remains the top choice for the top professional, as well as aspiring musicians around the globe.  Relying upon over a century of German craftsmanship and tradition, this harmonica has been universally recognized for its full tone, musical range, and distinctive wood comb.  Let your musical expression be a part of the continuing Marine Band legacy.

THESE SPECIAL TUNINGS ARE NOT STOCKED BUT CAN BE ORDERED, delivery can take several months. MAP pricing.

List Price – CDN $125.00



  • Over 100 years of harmonica tradition and German craftsmanship
  • The standard by which all other harmonicas are judged
  • #1 choice of professionals worldwide
  • Sealed wood comb to prevent shrinking and swelling


  • Type – Diatonic
  • Keys – A, Ab, B, Bb, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, F#, G
  • Tuning – Natural Minor
  • Number of holes – 10
  • Reeds – 20 brass
  • Cover surface – stainless steel
  • Reed plates – 0.9 mm brass
  • Mouthpiece surface – pearwood, lacquered
  • Comb – pearwood, brown
  • Length – 10.5 cm

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