Hohner Corona III Accordion


The Corona III is the ideal 3-voice accordion for the professional musician who depends on quality, sound and durability. The signature sound for Vallenato or Merengue, this instrument can be heard throughout the world especially in regions where the accordion is king.

The Corona III is available in a wide range of colors and a different key combinations.

  • Available keys – ADG and GCF ( BbEbAb are available by special order only)
  • Colours Available – Red (Black, White, Blue are available by special order only, please inquire)

List Price – CDN  $5240.00

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Model Corona III
Reed plate quality Standard
Number of buttons 31
Button Rows 3
Number of Notes 62
Class Diatonic
Voices 3
Tone Colours 1
Standard basses 12
Standard bass voices 6
Size 31 cm x 19 cm
Weight 4.6 kg
Straps Straps
Case Gig Bag

Additional information

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