Guerrini Special Model Accordion – Used


Beautiful, used Guerrini 120 Bass Accordion – Special Model.  This accordion is in excellent condition.  The bellows are in excellent condition, no leaks, virtually no wear on the bellows tape. Bass panel has some wear and minor wear/pitting on a couple of treble keys. Tuning is LMMM, with full size (19.25 inch) keyboard. Wax and leathers are in excellent condition. Single mic in treble with volume and tone control – microphone works but is a bit scratchy. Eagle design with rhinestones on the grill and body. With back pad, shoulder straps and case.


Only 1 left in stock



Features Include:

  •  4 sets of treble reeds (LMMM)
  • 5 sets of bass reeds
  • 19.25 inch keyboard
  • 9 switches on treble with master palm switch
  • 5 switches on bass
  • treble microphone with volume and tone controls.
  • comes with shoulder straps and a case
  • made in Italy
  • 25.5 pounds, 11.5 kg.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 59 × 50 × 26 cm