CX 12 Power Patch


One of the main attractions of the innovative Hohner CX-12 chromatic harmonica is the quick and easy snap-assembly design. This is enabled by using a large back-spring to hold the comb/reedplate unit inside the one-piece mouthpiece/cover shell. It works well – until you drop the instrument… In many cases this leads to one of the back-springs slot securing parts breaking off, after which the whole harmonica is useless.

Fortunately, Brendan Power came up with a solution – the PowerPatch.

The PowerPatch is a specially designed 3D printed internal patch that gives the spring a new seating position. Since the CX-12 shell and the PowerPatch are both made of ABS plastic, it’s easy to attach using plastic weld cement. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

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Here you will find a video on how to install the PowerPatch

If your ABS cement is not the thin wicking type, you can coat the PowerPatch with thicker weld cement and move it into position before pressing against the shell. In that case hold the spring in from the outside to keep it in the right position before pressing home.

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