Custom Combs by Andrew Zajac


We are very pleased to offer custom harmonica combs made by Andrew Zajac.  We are now carrying combs for Hohner Marine Band, Golden Melody and MS Series Harmonicas as well as Seydel 1847 models and Suzuki Manji/Promaster/Olive models.

These world-class combs are made for demanding players. Andrew’s combs are measurably better than factory-made combs. All his combs are made from environmentally-responsible materials. They are beautiful, durable, airtight, waterproof and comfortable to play.

The combs are made to precision specifications using a CNC-mill. They are flattened by hand to ensure optimal performance, increased power and control.

These combs are not mass-produced. Each comb is promptly made to order. This improves the quality of the final product and reduces production costs.

Combs are made in a variety of colours but I stock whatever is available at the time so there is no guarantee as to what colours I may have available.


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Custom comb for the Hohner Marine Band Harmonicas

  • Fits the Marine Band, Marine Band Deluxe, Marine Band Crossover and Thunderbird.

Custom Comb for Hohner MS Series Harmonicas

  • Fits the Big River, Blues Harp, Crossharp, Proharp and MeisterKlasse.

Custom Comb for Hohner Golden Melody

  • Fits Hohner Golden Melody.

Custom Comb for Special 20

  • Fits Hohner Special 20 and Rocket models

Custom Comb for Suzuki

  • Fits Manji, Promaster and Olive.

Custom Comb for Seydel

  • Fits 1847 models.


Custom combs are also available for Hohner Special 20, Seydel 1847, Suzuki, Lee Oskar, Suzuki Harpmaster and Bushman Delta Frost and Hohner pre MS Meisterklasse models.  Please inquire.

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