Lone Wolf Boogieman


Marko Balland is one of the most unique and talented harmonica players in the world, and Lone Wolf Blues Co. wanted to create something as equally over the top as his playing. The Boogieman is an ambitious pedal that features three of Lone Wolf’s most popular circuits: the Harp Delay, Harp Break, and Harp Tone+. With this pedal, regardless of a player using a backlined amp with the 1/4″ output or going straight into a PA with the XLR output, a player can be confident he or she will be able to dial in not just a good tone, but a downright scary good tone.  The pedal measures 5.71 X 3.74 X 1.77 inches.

The Boogieman operates off a 18V DC power adapter. To make it all just a little easier, Lone Wolf is including a power supply for US and EURO customers to power your pedal. The AC adapter requirements are a 18V DC with a minimum 100mA output and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector with a negative center surrounded by a positive outside. The unit is always powered when the power supply is connected. The “IN” jack acts as the pedal ON/OFF switch.

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  1. Harp Tone+ effect with TREBLE and BASS controls
  2. Harp Break effect with DRIVE control for overdrive
  3. Harp Delay effect with BLEND, REPEATS, and DELAY controls
  4. VOLUME control
  5. Independent bypass switch for Harp Break and Harp Delay
  6. High impedance buffered input
  7. High and low impedance outputs
  8. Bypass ON/OFF LED for Harp Break and Harp Delay
  9. Included 18V power adapter
  10. 5-year warranty on parts and labor

Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 9 cm